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Mason Medical Products

For over forty years Mason has manufactured clinically innovative, cost effective medical products to help support patients health and well being. Specializing in bedding products Mason Medical Products has some of the best medical bedding supplies. Their list of products include air mattresses, foam and polyester mattresses, overlays, cushions and petitioners, bariatric equipment, fall mattress and side rail pads, slings and stretcher pads. Family Rentals offers these products for sale or as an upgrade to our hospital bed rentals and we have found that the quality and comfort does make a difference in the patient’s recovery time. We also offer alternating pressure mattresses as an additional upgrade to our hospital bed rentals and the firmness on these hospital bed mattresses are adjustable with the turn of a dial. Mason Medical Product’s hospital grade mattresses are designed to be comfortable, firm and water resistant. They can be ordered in many different sizes and styles through Family Rentals, or are available for rental anytime or day for delivery.