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Tuffcare is one of the largest suppliers of quality health care products. Since their inception in 1989, Tuffcare has been one of the leading manufacturers of medical and health care items. Tuffcare provides quality power chairs, patient (Hoyer) lifts, beds, wheelchairs, bathroom safety products, canes, crutches and walkers. Shower chairs, commodes, both fixed side and drop side, reclining wheelchairs, alternating air mattresses, and extra wide (bariatric) products are readily available. Family Rentals has a huge inventory of Tuffcare Medical Products in stock and ready to go just a click or telephone call away. Tuffcare is one of the most reliable and well made medical equipment companies and Family Rentals is one of the leading distributers of Tuffcare medical products in South Florida. With our 24 hr delivery service, you can be mobile again today!