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Sports & Exercise Equipment For Rent

Family Rentals is one of South Florida's leaders in sports and exercise equipment rentals. We provide quality sports and exercise equipment rentals and sales such as full size basketball courts, team softball equipment, tournament quality ping pong tables, volleyball sets, and even bicycles and rollerblades. Accessories are also available such as helmets and pads, bicycle locks, extra balls, rackets and paddles. Our sports and exercise equipment rentals are for all ages of children and adults. Browse our collection of sale and rental sports and exercise equipment online or call us for your specific needs

If you are vacationing in South Florida, we have golf clubs available for rent, by the day or week. Our golf club sets are for adults, male or female or for children. Deluxe sets of golf clubs have graphite shafts and titanium oversize drivers. Fishing equipment for freshwater lakes or saltwater pier, canal or surf is also available and comes with the basics in a tackle box, and much more for you for rent.

If it’s too hot to walk or jog outside, how about a treadmill or stationary bike? We can bring the gym right to your house for exercise or rehabilitation.

Our sports and exercise equipment rentals are great to liven up any party or special event. Ping Pong Tables are always the hit of the show. A basketball court in the patio or driveway can keep everyone entertained for hours.  Bicycles are also great for picnics or any other outdoor event. Leave it to Family rentals for all of your sports and exercise equipment rentals. Our service delivery drivers can bring the items to your home, office, hotel room or park seven days a week!